Kaney Group

Kaney Aerospace

Engineering Program Solutions,
  Automated Test Equipment Design,
 Thermodynamics Testing & Certification,
  Aircraft System Intergration,
  Software Development,
Hardware Design,
  Cage: 4VQ38

Ardekin Precision

Precision Manufacturering,
     Manufacturing Engineering & Design,
     Small, Unique and Batch Lot Production,
     ISO 9001:2000 + AS9100B Certified Quality System,
     ASQR-01, HSM 17 Quality Standard Approved,
   Cage: 556Y4

Kaney Aviation Properties

a full service brokerage including Property Acquisition/Disposition, Marketing, Leasing, Property Management and Construction Management

Kaney Aviation Properties is the execution arm for the Kaney Group™ real estate division.

Kaney Capital


Kaney Capital is a wholly owned captive finance subsidiary established to support the growing and sophisticated global financial activities and funding requirements of the Kaney Group, LLC, its affiliates and outside interests.